”Ciro Express” play train



The play train is made of top-quality pressure-treated timber. They consist of four parts – the locomotive, balance bridge and coach with benches.

The locomotive front side is made as a tunnel in a combination of wood and metal structure. The rear part of the locomotive cabin is a playhouse with single-sloped roof. The locomotive cabin is connected with the coach by a wooden balance bridge. The bridge is made of the wooden bars that hang on galvanised chains.

The train coach can accommodate several children. It is made as a wooden structure, planed with rounded edges. There are two benches in the coach. The entire structure is placed on galvanised steel anchors set into concrete footing.

Price on request

Dimenzije prostora (d*š*v):
Ø 900x300cm

Visina:  180 cm

Dužina:  680 cm

Širina:  120 cm

Materijal:  solid wood, wooden plates, metal profiles