Combined playset “Marko Polo”


The hull design is made of HDPE or HPL material, and wooden profiled elements. The construction of vertical supporting pylons is made of three-sided lamellar wooden beams. Wooden parts of the combined playground are carved and rounded edges. The construction of the game is mounted on metal ground-based galley anchors. The metal parts have been painted or painted in bright colors.

Combined playset “Marko Polo” includes:

– plating in the form of a ship

– tower with steering wheel and steering

– climbing network

– a 2.4 m long slide

– slope climbing board with grips

– mast with a flag

Price on request

Dimenzije prostora (d*š*v):
Ø 625x230x250 cm

Visina:  250

Dužina:  625

Širina:  230

Materijal:  troslojno lamelirano drvo, HDPE ili HPL ploče, poliester, čelični profili