”Mushroom” jump-over posts



The “Mushrooms” jump-over posts are made of lamellar beams, made of at least 4 equal strips. The laminated beam is 10 x 10 cm in cross-section, with oblong edges. Lamellar beams are treated with binders that ensure long-term use and product warranty. Wooden pieces of overcapacity are carved and rounded bridges. The hammers are mounted on ground metal anchors that are grounded so that the wooden parts are not in contact with the ground. One set contains five different height mushrooms.

Price on request

Dimenzije prostora (d*š*v):
Ø 600x100 cm

Visina:  100 cm

Dužina:  500 cm

Širina:  40 cm

Materijal:  nature or painted solid wood, metal profiles