Combined playset “Casper”


The construction of the combined playground is made of aluminum oval planed 72×105 mm oval profiled steel profiles, internally reinforced partition tubes, made up of 4 separate chambers, which are surface-protected by plasticisation. The bridge that connects the two towers is made of steel ropes wrapped in polyamide rope in color. From the large tower a pipe slide made of solid polyester starts. The pipe length of the pipe is about 500cm. With a smaller tower a 2,4 m long sliding lantern is made of polyester. The approach to a smaller tower is made of steel stairs and wooden staircases. On the opposite side of the square tower there is a children’s play X and O.

On the hexagonal tower as a content, there is a climbing network made of steel ropes wrapped in polyamide colored rope, fire extinguisher. The hexagonal tower roof is made of red polyester. The tower fences are of three-sided PE, in two colors.

Playset contains:
- Hexagonal tower
- Tower
- Tubular polyester goggle
- Slide plane 2,4m
- Shells and salt
- Play X and O
- Bridge from the network
- Network in frame
- Fire-retardant pipe made of steel
- Stairs
- Wood and PE screeds, three-layer in two colors


Price on request