Fitness device – rowing simulator


The device is intended for exercising the upper and lower parts of the body for one person.

The basic load-bearing part of the conveyor structure is to be made of steel Ø60mm pole-shaped profiles, which are folded in two places in the radii r = 360mm and the ends start upwards. it moves the movement of the bearings to the movable part and simulates the rowing exercise. The hoisting levers should be made of Ø42mm profile from one piece and folded from one piece in radii r = 80mm. The seat is made of PE three-layer plates in two colors, 19mm thick, UV-stable. In the lower parts of the structure are steel anchor bolts with screw openings for fixing the device to the concrete base with tips and screws. The head screws are protected by plastic plugs and the cutoff is prevented and can not cause injury to the user. Aluminum and steel profiles are surface-protected by plasticisation.

Price on request