Offering various design features and platform heights, Stribor combined playsets enable children to socially integrate through active play in countless variations: climbing on platforms, sliding down the slides, hiding, swinging etc.

Due to their adaptable external dimensions it is possible to place our combined playsets in various available outdoor surfaces or in kindergarten or playroom courtyards.

Our combined playsets can be used by a number of children simultaneously. They enable children to experience adventures from stories, fairy tales or nature. Stribor combined playsets are thematically designed and decorated.

Our combined playsets designed as ships, fitted with ship windows, helms, anchors, shipboards with nets, masts, sails, ship bells and other details of ship equipment will be the right stage for exciting sailing and pirating adventures.

By choosing a Stribor combined playset, you will present children such playing experiences as the beloved “Sleeping Beauty”, enchanting “Stribor’s Forest”, desert-like “Sahara” and many others.

Stribor oprema’s products from the group of combined playsets consists of a range of playsets specially shaped and designed to invite children to play develop their imagination through various elements we use in our playsets.

Wooden structures are built from quality pressure-treated coniferous wood.

The wooden parts of combined Stribor playsets are planed and feature rounded edges to increase children’s the safety from injury.

Combined Playset structures are mounted to galvanised metal anchors set into ground so that the wooden parts are not in contact with earth, which significantly extends product lifetime.

Combined Playset metal parts are plastic-coated or quality varnished in bright colours.

Tower houses, climbers, metal grids, crawl tunnels, rope bridges, slides and swings are integral parts of this product group.



Combined playset “Maristella”


Combined playset “Casper”


Combined playset “Marko Polo”


625x230x250 cm

troslojno lamelirano drvo, HDPE ili HPL ploče, poliester, čelični profili

Combined playset “Squirrel”


Combined playset “Wooden fantasy“


Combined playset “Marty”


Combined playset “Misty”


Combined playset “Laguna”


Combined playset “Galaxy”


Combined Playset ”Little Vlaho”


750 x 950cm

nature/painted solid wood, wooden plates, metal profiles, polyester slide trough 320 cm

Combined aluminum playset “Serena”


Combined aluminium playset “Frano”