Climber “Apollo”


The construction of the combined climber is made of steel and aluminum oval stainless steel profiles with a planar section of approx. 72x105mm, inside reinforced partitions, consisting of 4 separate chambers. From the aluminum profiles on the inside, the reinforcement of the circular shape reinforcement, without loose joints, was bent from one piece. Surface protected by plasticisation. The height of the combined climber is about 200cm, width about 250cm. The construction of the climber is fixed to the concrete base using steel tips and screws. The stainless steel plate with screw holes is approximately 180mm in diameter and approximately 8mm thick. The base of the entire construction is in the form of an equilateral side triangle and at the top of the pendulum is a hexagonal shape.

The “Apollo” climber has:

– Steel construction,

– Polyethylene panels with quartz sand fillers,

– Steel wire mesh woven by polyamide in color

Price on request