Combined playset “Noa”


The hull construction is made of wooden profiled elements, vertical load bearing columns made of three-sided lamellar wooden beams. Wooden parts of the combined playground are carved and rounded edges. The construction of the combined playground is mounted on metal ground-based galvanized anchors. Combined metal parts are plastified or painted in high quality. Combined playset boat “Noa” contains:

– the bow construction with the floor where two stairs lead

– a stern with a floor at a height of 150 cm, climbing the stairs

– a slide

– Two masts with nets

– a pendulum combined with different climbing networks – 3 pcs

– climbing ropes, “monkey rope” – 2 pcs

Two deckboats on the deck with a bridge

– rudder

– two semicircular access plates for both towers

– Decorative PE fence

Price on request