Fitness device for pushing and pulling


The pushing and pulling device is designed for two persons, so one side is used to pull down the lever and the other to pull off the lever.

The steel structure is made of Ø60mm steel profiles that move from the anchor plates and in the upper zone half-circular in the 160mm radius they cross each other and are in the same circular direction and towards the annulus on which they are mounted. From the center section of the Ø60mm profile, they are bent horizontally in the 80mm radius, cross in the same direction on the other side and thus form a compact bearing structure. The lever system is made of a Ø42mm profile as well as two constructions on which it is seated. Two-seat seat and backrest made of PE three-layer laminated PE panel in two colors, 19mm diameter with all rounded edges in 19mm radius. The entire steel construction is surface protected by plasticisation. In the lower parts of the structure are steel anchor bolts with screw openings for fixing the device to the concrete base with tips and screws.

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