Combined playset “Maristella”


The hull construction is made of PE material, 
vertical bearing pylons made of three-layer lamellar wooden beams, 
surface-protected with high-grade protective coatings of oak wood. 
Wooden parts of the combined playground are engraved and rounded edges. 
The construction of a combined playground is set on ground mental grounded
 anchors. A sketch about combined playback is performed in a way that strikes 
the lines of the ship.
Combined playing "Maristella" includes:
- semi-circular roof,
- a semi-circular ramp with a rope,
- approaching stairs,
- The bridge,
- a basket of polyester skis,
- mast,
- the net at the top of the trapezoidal mast
- made in a wooden frame of 70 × 180 cm
  And the stopwatch on the stern,
- plating HDPE boat
Price on request